Newborn Session - $100

Newborns require extra care and time for setup and posing. This session can last up to 3 hours in studio or in your home. Time also allows for plenty of feedings and diaper changes throughout the session.

Fee also includes (4) - 5x7 prints of your favorite pose and (25) - 5x7 press printed birth announcements


Belly Baby Session - $150

Includes both a maternity session at the location of your choice and a newborn session.

Fee also includes (4) - 5x7 prints of your favorite pose from each session and (25) - 5x7 press printed birth announcements


When to book:

Newborn sessions must be done during the first 14 days of life, but the best time is 3-7 days after birth. During this time babies are still accustomed to the womb and they will sleep through the majority of the session. They also don't stretch out as much in the first 7 days, which makes it easier to get those sleepy curled up poses that are so cute!

For this reason you should contact me to book your session while you are still pregnant. At that time I will pencil in your due date, then when your little one arrives simply give me a call and we will finalize your session time. Your session fee is due at booking as a non-refundable deposit to hold your spot.

If you have already had your baby and it has been less than 14 days since birth, feel free to contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.


What to expect and how to prepare for your session:

I prefer to photograph newborns in their natural state, so no special clothing is needed. Of course if you have a special outfit or accessories you would like them wearing, by all means bring it! Otherwise you don't need to worry about outfits at this age - I will have several hats, headbands, blankets, and other props for you to choose from that we will use to accessorize.


  • Preparing your home

You have the choice of coming to my studio or having me come to your house for this session. If you would like for me to come to your house, I ask that you open all blinds and curtains in your home. When I arrive I will walk through your home looking for the room with the best light and set up my mini-studio.

Please do not worry about your house being a mess, you just had a baby and housework should be the last thing on your mind! I can certainly work around any clutter and I promise it won't be in the shot. I may have to move some furniture around, but I promise to help move everything back before I go. The only areas I suggest you have tidy are at least 1 bedroom with a bed made and the nursery. This will allow us to take some lifestyle portraits with a unique setting for your family.

Turn up the heat in your home - around 80 degrees. Yes we will all be sweating but it's a must to keep baby happy for all these adorable naked shots! I will also have a portable heater with me to help keep baby warm. Thanks to our beautiful NC weather if you give birth during the summer months you will also have the option for us to go outside.


  • Preparing your baby

Loosen your babies diaper and clothing at least 30 minutes prior to my arrival. This gives time for all those little creases and wrinkles that diapers make on the skin to disappear before their photo session.

Please feed and burp baby just prior to my arrival. A well fed baby is a happy baby! Throughout the session I'm more than happy to give them all the time they need to take breaks for feedings and cleaning.

We will want to keep the noise to a minimum, so if you have dogs or other kids you should try to keep them in another room with a sitter. If you do want other siblings in some of the pictures we can discuss that and I usually will work them in at the beginning or the end of the session.


  • Preparing yourself

With 3 kids of my own I understand how nervous you may be with your newborn. I'm promise I'm not going to push your baby to do any pose and you will be right there beside me. So just try to relax and don't worry if your baby becomes fussy - it happens and if we need to take a break I certainly will! There will be plenty of adorable shots of your little one, so I'll say it one more time - RELAX! :) Sometimes it can take a little bit to get baby to go back to sleep so a lot of patience is required for this session.

I do take shots with the parents holding the baby. This means there will be some close ups of your hands. To prepare yourself just make sure your nails look clean and groomed - this is for all the men too! For more pulled back shots, I suggest simple clothing - any colors are fine, but try to stay away from busy patterns. The more simplistic the shot the more timeless it becomes. Black shirts are also recommended for both parents for some of the mommy/daddy/baby shots.


**Session fees are due within 7 days of booking and serve as your non-refundable deposit.